Hermès & Goyard (Leashes for dogs) 1953 Max Boinet & Innovation

Hermès & Goyard (Leashes for dogs) 1953 Max Boinet & Innovation

This original article was published in a periodical from 1953. We don't sell reproductions.


Detailed description

1 Roger Model Handbag, Andrée Higgins, Dior Mirror, Noella Riotteau Shells, Innovation Radio set, Max Jaray Scarf
2 Arcet Bottle in glass, Violette Cornille Hanbag, Goyard Two leashes of dog, Francis Winter for Dior Luggage in fur
3 Max Boinet for fath Bracelet, Violette Cornille for Lanvin-Castillo handbag, Andrée Higgins Lamp, Christofle Cigarette Box
4 List of the presents

1er page: Hermes Champagne bucket, Scarf, Pendulette, Innovation Bridge Box, Balmain Handbag

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