Nina Leen 1946 Original Photograph for Life 1946, April 1st. Maggy Rouff
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Nina Leen 1946 Original Photograph for Life 1946, April 1st. Maggy Rouff

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Detailed description

Cut to the waist, this Maggy Rouff gown inspired remark, "The neckline is now the waistline." The dress is of white linen with green trimming below the waist

Vintage gelatin silver print,
executed ca 1946 by American photographer
Nina Leen (1909 - 1995),
Life stamp on verso.

Photographs for Life by Nina Leen

The Haute Couture of Paris , in a do-or-die hid for a the fashion leadership of the world, last month held its first complete fashion showings in seven years. During the fortnight in which the season reached its peak, fashion-starved Parisians, important customers and a few foreign buyers were dashing to half-a-dozen shows a day - from Lelong to Maggy Rouff to Rochas to the new wonder boys like Fath and Balmain. The showings brought back the elegance of years that seemed long past. There were champagne and delicacies and soft music. French princesses came as did the Duchess of Windsor and the King of Egypt's sister. What they saw made the experts feel that Paris had successfully regained the world fashion leadership which had passed by default during the war.

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