Jean Dessès 30-40s, Original fashion drawing, Greek influence, signed Jean Dessès
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Jean Dessès 30-40s, Original fashion drawing, Greek influence, signed Jean Dessès

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    Original Drawings
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    31 x 48 cm | 12.2 x 18.9"
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      Very good / Excellent
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Detailed description

Jean Dessés is of Greek ancestry. He was born in Alexandria, Egypt, on August 6, 1904, and attended high school there. He then studied law for three years in Paris, with plans to enter the diplomatic service. In 1925, to the surprise of all who knew him, he decided to enter the field of dress design. For ten years he worked patiently toward this objective and opened his own house in 1937. Sale owner and in full control, he supervises every activity of his establishment. It is said that beautiful clothes interested Dessés from childhood and that at the age of nine he designed a dress for his mother. He says he has always wanted to design clothes for American women "who wear their clothes rather than carry them." He spent two months in the States in 1949, traveling east, west, north, and south to observe for himself how Americans live. All anticipate that he will continue to create beautifully wearable clothes for his American clientele.
Princess Margaret Rose and the Duchess of Kent are among his clientele, which includes many members of royalty. He designs, with devotion, dresses for the Queen of Greece.
("Dressmakers of France", Mary Brooks Picken and Dora Loues Miller)

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