Jacques Fath 1950s Dominique Serres, Original Fashion Drawing
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Jacques Fath 1950s Dominique Serres, Original Fashion Drawing

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Original fashion drawing by Jean Dominique Serres, fashion designer at Jacques Fath

Jean Dominique Serres began working for Jacques Fath around 1950, and remained in this position after Jacques Fath's death on 1954. The businesss was being carried on under the direction of his widow, Genevieve Fath, until 1957, when it closed.

This drawing comes from a spiral croquis book of the Jacques Fath House. Several books were sold at Drouot auction in Paris. Other croquis books are at Anna and Stephen Kellen Designs Archive in New York.
Several designers have worked with Jacques Fath. Among them: Catherine Brivet, Alain Raynaud, Philippe Guibourgé, Gérard Pipart, Pierre Metthey, Adam Graham, Annick Frantz, Dominique Serres and Roy Little.

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